De l’oeuf assiette élevage (en)


Discover step by step how our poultry is raised with love and care, as always with the utmost respect for the original savoir-faire, to bring you this delicate meat and this unique flavour, an unequalled gourmet quality.

Total Freedom Rearing
by 350 farmers

Natural surroundings, peace and well-being are the key elements for rearing our free-range Label Rouge chickens. The quality of our chickens owes a lot to the unique total freedom farming method. They are raised by 350 farmers in the enchanting setting of the Landes countryside. They come and go, pecking and scratching in the peaceful atmosphere of a natural environment.
Life revolves around the “henhouse” known as a Marensine (small movable buildings) that the birds return to of their own accord to rest during the day, and to sleep during the night.

This unique farming method is similar to a real health exercise course : free to roam as they please, the birds develop their muscles, resulting in firm meat.

Local diet
Our Label Rouge poultry feed on a 100% plant and cereal based diet.
Corn represents 80% of our chickens food intake, generally produced by our farmers. Some alfalfa, some soybeans complete their feed, not forgetting nature’s treats – grasses, seeds, insects – which our chickens love to enjoy.

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